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Presensitized aluminium offset plates PS. Type PRIMA.
PS offset plates for small presses at 3 Euro/m2 from our warehouse with packing in an Excellent Condition.
Exposure 3000 Watt
Timings 60 - 70 sec


400 pc

1400 pc
500 pc
500 pc




5241 2 – A French photopolymer machine from the company SOLUTIONS GRAPHIQUES, type FLW A2. Suitable for flexographic water plates max dimension 5575 cm. With recirculating water system, special brashes, heaters with thermostat, exposure and back exposure drawer, anti-tack finishing drawer, 2 dry drawers, digital control panel, heating timer, exposure timer, dry timer, wash timer. Light used. Price:14.000€


  3130 7 – Exposure frame from film to flexografic and letterpress plate. Type QUALYDOT, vertical exposure for high exposure quality, 30-40% better raster results from conventional lamps systemsMax exposure dimensions: 4050 cm.,  2 KW MH lamp, Photoelectronic lamp.      Condition: new. Price: 5.800€







5611 1 - Exposure frame JUNIOR 1000 MH for offset plates 70X80 cm. PHOTOELECTRONIC lamp, exposure time 60’-80’, tone scale  4-5. Metal cabin, protect door, high transparency crystal, rubber carpet, digital timer, vacuum meter, drawers. Condition: new.
Price: 3.500€










 2465 8 - Thermal plate table, suitable for spot vernish plates from the German company NESSMAN, high quality vernish transfer for 500000 copies, quick and easy remove of not vernishing parts. Condition: new. Price: 300€






3131 9 - PHOTOELECTRONIC UV lamp for UV inks and vernish for maximum printed dimensions of 70100 cm. Lamp with PSU, auto apperture and 11 KW ozon tubes. For use with tranasfer belt or offset press. Condition: new. Price: 6.150€




  1245 9 CONTACT 1000 WATT for film and daylight offset plates from 'Tavolini'  company. Max dimensions: 50x60 cm. 1000 Watt lamp. Price: 1.500€