LITHOMICHANIKI LTD has been active in the field of Graphic Arts since 1964, with the main object of trading machinery and materials for 5 main sectors of the sector

A) LITHOGRAPHY: Having a great experience in the field, as the Lithography branch has been the main activity of our company since its first steps, LITHOMICHANIKI LTD has a complete range of products (materials & machinery) for any application.

B) PHOTOPOLYMER PLATES & PROCESSING MACHINES: In 1980 LITHOMICHANIKI LTD was the first to introduce photopolymer plates technology in the Greek market, having materials and machines for Flexography (analogue and digital plates, water & solvent) and Lettepress (analogue & digital) .

C) DIGITAL PRINTING: Since 2000, ELITHOMICHANIKI EPE is also active in the field of digital printing and processing with digital plate processing machines, short printing digital printing machines as well as special film manufacturing systems with Inkjet printers

D) LAMPS: The lamps were added to the range of LITHOMICHANIKI LTD products aiming at the full coverage of the needs of our customers.
Today LITHOMICHANIKI LTD., Has organized a separate Lamp Department in which products are available for every application in the graphic arts industry, as well as for other branches (Sterilization, Aesthetics ...)

E) CIGOGRAPHY: LITHOMICHANIKI LTD has returned to the field of zigzagging by placing on the market plates of Magnesium and Zinc, as well as the materials necessary for their treatment (oils).

The headquarters of our company are in Ilion, Fl. Rubikonos & Hippocrates 1, where our warehouses, our offices and the demonstration and education hall are housed.

The immediate and effective service of our customers, as well as their constant updating on international developments are the main goals of our company.